Atem Mini Extreme Fade Transition between Supersource box sources

Has anyone figured out how to transition between supersource box sources to do a fade rather then just a hard cut between sources.


Box 1 (cam 1) → Box 1 (cam 2) using a transition fade.

Maybe Streamdeck
Easiest way I can think of

Try the animated Supersource layouts with macros from Here 2 Record at

Unfortunately Animating a layout doesn’t do what exactly I want. I want a simple fade transition of the exact same layout where one of the boxes source is changed with a fade transition and not by having the box animate.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t possible. The closest I have come is by using a DVE for the main large source ( Presentation) and then making a macro that takes one Supersource box (cam1 closeup) out of the four showing presenters then transition to black pausing for the length of the transition. Then switch the box1 source to cam2 (wide shot) followed by a transition back to SuperSource. then a pause the length of the transition.

The issue is way to long of a transition and it just doesn’t feel smooth. I think I would need another switcher (Atem Mini) to do the transition fade switching between the cameras. I was just hoping to do it with less gear as I’m a big believer the more gear you add the more point of failure. So this is where a Atem 2 M/E would benefit.