ATEM mini Constant Data Rate

Is there posible to stream in constant data rate from ATEM mini (Pro/ISO)? In case when there is some kind of blank (simple) still (photo) on air, the Data rate drops very low. And stream services like Castr start droping signal because of low data rate… and ATEM on air button start to blink. I made some test. If You put higer profile for streaming, then issue is not so bad, but still it remains time to time. So You need to choose High or Medium streaming profile to reduce this problem to minimum. So to solve this problem it would be great if I could choose constant data rate stream output. Is tha possible in ATEM mini?

No, because H264 standard doesn’t provide CBR encoding. Some streaming encoders use hacks and unofficial methods (namely, stuffing additional data when there’s small frames), it seems ATEM doesn’t do any of that.


Tanks for respond!! Most of platforms asks for x264, but ATEM provide h264, so there is no option to get CBR :confused: