ATEM Mini audio delay fixed!

So cool that they launched this in a firmware update! Check out my video to learn how to use the new feature!


Thanks so much, Aaron!

Personally, I have all my mics connected to 2 BMPCC 4Ks, but I do have an iPod connected to Mic1 on the ATEM Mini Pro. So this new feature is very welcome.

However, as I record livestreams every other day, I’ll wait a few days to install this update, in case someone finds that the update breaks other aspects of the experience.

(copied from YT comment) Great stuff. I demonstrate woodturning using the ATM and four cameras. I have the main headshot camera with my cardioid headset mic connected to it. But I also want to use a second lavalier to pick up sounds of the lathe and the cutting sounds. I couldn’t do this until now. Having the audio delay for the mic input will add a lot of realism to the work I do. Thanks for the snapping fingers hint. I think this will be the easiest way for me to get the right delay setting.

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