Atem extreme and Hyperdeck Studio 2


I have been offered a cheap Hyperdeck Studio 2 (now discontinued). Does anyone know if this will work well with my Atem extreme, as it obviously doesn’t have usb c?. I am wondering if the Atem will see it over Ethernet and will it record over the network?



As long as you network it, it should see it in the atem control software and allow you to record.
But some frame rates are not supported on the Hyperdeck Studio 2.

Thanks Zach, that article on the BM Forum only seems to relate to an hdmi connection, which I assume would only record 1 output. I was hoping to record all the ISO’s.

No, network is only for control, hyperdeck records over hdmi (or sdi) and can only record one feed.

If you want to record ISOs from ATEM, get a usb ssd.

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Ah thought that might be the case. Yes currently using usb c SD’ S.