Atem and laptop cooling pad

Hi. First post, so please be gentle!

I was on zoom all day today (often am, I lecture…) and mid-afternoon my AMP stopped sending video via usb. Multiview still worked into my small second monitor.

I switched it off and after about 90 minutes, it worked again. It seemed quite hot (before I gave it a rest), so I wondered if I should put it on one of those laptop cooling pads.

Has anybody tried this, or is there some reason it might not help?

Thanks in advance,

AMP has a cooling fan that starts when needed, so you might check that the side vents are not blocked or dusty, or maybe the fan is not working properly

Hi David.

Thanks for your reply. I will look at that and make sure it is clear.

My class were delighted that I finished a bit early, anyway;)