ATEM 8.5.2 A/V Sync issue

So I updated both my ATEM Minis to the latest 8.5.2 earlier and it put my video badly out of sync with my audio in a subsequent Zoom call. Anyone else seen this? Apparently update 8.5 was supposed to fix this exact problem, which I never had, but now I do.
I tried restarting the ATEM, same problem.
I was daisy chaining 2 ATEMs (Mini and Pro ISO) and I updated them both and the Mac software.
My mic was plugged directly into a BMPCC so sync should be fine there.

Sounds like a bug with the new update, your best bet would probably be going back to the older version.

I did a SSD recording straight off one of the ATEMs which I just watched back and the sync is fine, so I’m thinking it was Zoom doing something strange. I might check for Zoom updates and test again

The thing with UVC is that audio and video are going through separate channels, to separate drivers and it’s possible that windows or the app messes up the latency on one (usually the audio driver) for some reason or another.


Yes, this should be an UVC related problem as @gizmo mentioned.