Apple TV 4k as NDI convertors

Hey all,
Has anyone used an apple TV4k running Sienna app as an NDI to HDMI. Fast ethernet port and all. I guess you’d need to disable the “casting” feature if you were using it in a public space.

Thinking one of those for $200 and then velcro it to the back of a TV and it’s an easy solution.

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This is such a good idea! I never even thought to look at options for using an Apple TV!

Dropping a link to that app for future reference:

That’s a fantastic device. If only the Apple TV 4K has DC power instead of AC I would be able to use it with my mobile rig.

Sorry. So how are you using it? To stream a camera to it? Or to send video from the atem to it?

In theory you could have this scenario. 5 screens with apple tv 4ks. Ethernet cable back to a 1gb switch. X Box, Playstation, Gaming PC, 2x laptops. All devices can output and input NDI… thus you can send anything to anything. To put that in as a vision matrix would be considerably more expensive and time consuming.

If you then drop in a birddog NDI convertor with a loop out you can take a PGM and then use the convertor to create an NDI source that can go anywhere.

Expand that to a vlarge multi room venue and you can injest a local show and use the venue network backbone to distribute a plenary to multiple breakouts etc etc. Run a Skype or zoom server (all NDI) etc etc