Any Insight? ATEM (x2) & OBS Setup Question


I’ve posted this on a couple other places, so i apologize for any redundancy, in case you’ve seen it before elsewhere.

I received 3 responses in over a week.
2 = didn’t understand the question.
1 = yeah, that would work.
Maybe I’m not asking this correctly or I’m otherwise unclear.

I want to benefit from experience and insight i don’t yet have, being new to this. Any ideas? Anything i should consider that i didn’t think of?


What’s the best way to get the super fancy output of OBS to stream through the Pro?

Here’s my thought:

3 cameras.
1 presentation laptop
---------> ATEMmini (USB)----> Production laptop (w/OBS & ATEM control)

ATEMmini (Pgm Out - mainly as an option/backup)
Additional media player (full screen intro/outro).
Production laptop (OBS Pgm Out hdmi)
---------> ATEMminiPro

And using a Streamdeck to control both ATEMS and OBS scenes so i don’t have to do complicated button pushing live.

Is there a better way?
I want to stream/record through the AMP to free up CPU…

Any thoughts, hive mind?
Am I missing something?


It would work (just fullscreen OBS preview) but OBS is not meant to be used that way. You can get proper OBS output by using a decklink output device.
Also, if the cpu is not powerful enough for encoding, or you’re doing something else on the same laptop, expect framedrops even without encoding.

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I have not had great success in testing with OBS for my particular use cases. I would say though that Gimzo hit the nail on the head. Sending an OBS output is pretty critical. Otherwise you are sending all laptop audio and anything that pops up on the screen to be streamed.

Imagine the chirp of a calendar reminder followed by the on air flash of it saying " body part X waxing in 1 hour". Not a great way to pickup more business right?

OBS has a presentation out…
I’ll have to look into what that includes or excludes.

Still easy enough to prevent unwanted messages.
It’s the production laptop:. No Facebook, no personal use - so no automatic connection to internet, email, etc…

People use OBS to stream, so i don’t get why all of a sudden it’s perceived as unusable when streaming externally…

I appreciate the input.
Anything else you can think of?

not unusable when used as designed, presentation out over a video output device is a feature, using preview as a main output is not.

Wouldn’t use preview, only program out… As stated in the original post.