Any Ideas On Streaming Multpile Remote Cameras To A Central Switcher For A Webinar?

Hey everyone?

I am looking to stream a webinar from one central point but with up to six camera inputs coming from different locations in the same city. My first option for this execution is using the Live U’s but I am looking for other web-based alternatives for how I can achieve the same. Any assistance accorded will be highly appreciated!

vMix has a free trial. You’ll be using the vMix calling feature. might be able to do some of this but I haven’t tried that. just announced a beta for this feature

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Much appreciated Karl. Will check it out tomorrow.

Could SRT from each location if there’s budget for various machines.

LiveU is probably the easiest way to do this but it can jump the budget up quite a bit.


Yeah…the Live U option is expensive right off the bat. Could you please elaborate on SRT?