Any Camzilla users out there?

Looking to add PTZ to our setup. Currently have main manned cam and two static cams stage left and right.

Since we already have the static cams (JVC 4K) was looking to add two camzilla remote heads.

Anyone have any experience with these? Good build quality? Reliable? That gaming remote work ok? Any feedback appreciated.

I have used them and was mostly happy with them.

I liked…

  • wireless signal would go far so I could put them really far away and they worked.
  • my small cameras fit nicely on them (Canon XA11)

I didn’t like…

  • setup can be fiddly since you need to run a third party software
  • the movement is not smooth enough to move the cameras while on air. Set and take was my method.

I did get mine for free though so I’m not sure if they are worth the expense. That was the main feedback I heard when making videos about them.

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