Alternative ways to 'go live' for a YouTube scheduled stream

Hi everyone,

I’m using the BMD Atem Mini Pro for livestreaming a weekly church service to YouTube. I use the ‘scheduled stream’ feature of YouTube to preview the livestream during rehearsal, check sound levels, picture and network and so on, prior to go live, it’s a great feature. I do this from a Windows 10 laptop in Chrome, which serves no other purpose other than ‘going live’ and ending the stream.

I’d really like to eliminate the laptop from this setup. I know I could configure the livestream to auto start and end in YouTube, and I could go live from the ATEM Mini Pro, though I would lose the YouTube preview and test capability. It’s a little risky.

Thoughts ? Ideally the ATEM Mini Pro would have a ‘start stream’ and a ‘go live’ button, integrated with YouTube. I am not sure if the YouTube streaming protocols offer that level of control, but it would be an excellent feature.

Appreciate any ideas or alternatives people may have come up with.

Many thanks,

I’m hoping youtube will allow stream management from mobile, that would fix this problem.
As for other solutions, there are some youtube-compatible streaming encoders, but those don’t make sense when you already use AMP for that.

Thanks Gimzo. I was not aware of the Youtube policy.

It seems it even goes as far as Chromebook devices - I am unable to preview or start my stream from a Lenovo Duet, which I was considering as a replcaement for the laptop. The restriction explains it.