All your tally lights are belong to us here

I wanted to create a new discussion about tally lights without hijacking @Mdonnery’s thread regarding Companion. Please chime in with any of your thoughts regarding tally lights. If you’re willing to identify what camp you’re in that’ll help.

The Haves: You have a tally light system. Tell us about it. What kind is it, what did it cost, and what do you like/dislike about it?

The Wants: You want one. What’s your budget, how many do you need, and what do they have to do?

The Want Nots: You’ve got one, but don’t want it. Tell us the same information as the Haves, and include why you want to get rid of it.

The Others: How do you identify yourself? What do you want?

I’ll start.

I’m an Other. I have 2 PTZ (Panasonic AW-HE40) cameras, but their tally lights aren’t super useful. I think I can have them lit when they’re being controlled, but that’s not always what I want. I’ve got a BMD ATEM switching, so I don’t want to light up the camera on preview just because I’m trying to get the talent back on camera (or the camera back on the talent).

I also have DIY system, but it needs work. My cameras are roughly 75 feet from the talent. A single LED on the camera is not easy to see. I’ve got an 8x8 LED matrix that’s much easier to see, but still not what we need. I’ll start another topic about the DIY lights if anyone is interested.

Hi Jeremy, good topic. What would be very cool is a tally LED ring to put around the lens displaying arrows - look into this one :slight_smile: This might sound silly, however I frequently have talent looking in slightly the wrong place which I try to fix with taped on arrows and hand signals to them which one is live. I’m interestedin DIY lights, yes please.

I have been looking at the Cuebi tally light system to use in our studio.
I would also be interested in a DIY sysyem.

No. You are not hijacking my other post, this is great. I would love to find a way at doing a dyi. I think companion could work and I have a friend looking at it. I currently use 3 iphones with the strata view app. It works kinda. The app sometimes shuts down but right now it fits my budget FREE. The other issue is that you can only use 5 IP addresses. so right now i use one for the A.M.P. one for companion 3 for iphones i sometimes have a laptop at our sound booth so that tech can control. But then I can only have 2 talley lights.

One thing that I have told our talent is to not look for the light. other wise they some times search for it and it looks bad. So I have told them to speak to a camera and we will find you. And to feel free to change the camera that you are looking at. But 2 of our 3 cams are static shots so it is easy. I think I use the talley light more as a cam op. I look at the other cams to see what’s on and where I can move to

I’m building a DIY Cuebi-like set using ESP2866 modules and node.js controller software, connecting directly into ATEM. I’m hoping to have something on github soon.


So I am running light key on a second computer on my network. I am trying to think of a way to have companion send feedback to lightkey app so that it would trigger a LED light strip by DMX. Can companion send midi signal. Or can I send signal to osculator then a midi to lightkey.