AETM Mini and Hyperdeck

The AETM software has options for the Hyperdeck, but there is very little info about it anywhere. Has anyone used this successfully & can explain it’s functionality? How does the media link to the AETM, is it via HDMI? ( hopefully not)
AETM MediaPlayer

I did a demo of this on a livestream a couple months ago!

The ATEM basically sends commands to start and stop playing on the hyperdeck. When it’s plugged in to one of the HDMI inputs of the ATEM then you can use it as a video playback device.

Both devices need to be on the same network. There’s a screen in the settings of the ATEM software control app to tell it the IP address of the hyperdeck.

It’s really cool once you get it set up! I’ve been using it for some of my speaking events.

Thanks for the response, I have watched a few of your videos & missed that one, watching it now. I am in Australia, so your streams start at 3am, just a bit late/early for me. I do appreciate your markers on the youtube clips with markers showing current topic.

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I am very much looking forward to your video on fan replacement in your Hyperdeck Mini. The fan in mine is SO loud that I can’t have it in the same room. I watched the video on iFixit (which I assume you did too). It’s a shame the plug in the Hyperdeck is non-standard as I would prefer not to have to cut the wires and re-solder.

I have the replacement fan, but am holding off replacing it for now (coward!)

You can buy the same connector that’s on the original fan (I did, and had them solder it on the new fan)

Do you happen to know what type of connector that is? I haven’t taken the case off to check. I don’t mind the soldering, I just want to be able to put the old fan back in case the hyperdeck fails while still in warranty