Advice on hotspot devices

Hi everyone.

I’m embarrassing excited to be here. I’ve been learning the world of video and audio for the last 2 years to help my fiancée’s business, and thanks to Aaron, I’m venturing into the world of live-streaming, and more importantly, the world of computers. Feeling like an imposter actually!

So, my question relates to mobile hotspot devices. Thanks to Aaron’s recent plug of the GL- AR750S travel router, I picked up one of those. Plugging that into an Ethernet cable will be plan A when live-streaming events at different locations, but I’m not sure how practical that will always be.

Therefore, I’m looking for the next best solution. Not being too tech saavy, my first thought was to use my phone as a 4g hotspot directly into the travel router. Maybe upgrade to a 5g iPhone. However, I’m not sure how stable and practical that would be. I’d like to be able to use my phone too.

So I’ve been looking at hotspot devices, to directly wire to my computer, digital mixer, Atem etc…I’ll work out that configuration later.

My questions relate to the most appropriate device, and what my expectations of this should be.

The top end of the tree here in Australia seems to be the Netgear Nighthawk M2, and getting data from Telstra, Australia’s best provider with regards to coverage.

The majority of these streams might be over zoom, and theoretically the hotspot should well be able to cover the upload requirements. The M1 version has the same upload capability of 150mbs, with a reduced download capability, but I’m inclined to go with a new model just for battery piece of mind.

I wonder about the specs related to the frequency band. It operates on 2.4ghz or 5ghz. I’m not sure exactly how these things work, but from what I read, 2.4ghz is susceptible to interference, and 5ghz isn’t ideal indoors, where most of my streaming will be. I’ve hear that some hotspot devices can operate at 5ghz or 4ghz, and to me this sounds practical. I’m not sure the M2 can do this.

I’m not sure if I’m asking for trouble by going for this ‘top of the line’ hotspot, which some have complained about as having reliability issues, when something slightly lower spec, perhaps 4ghz, may not only suffice but be be better/more stable.

I have no experience working with these. I’m on Sydney, Australia’s biggest city, so 5ghz coverage might be good. Should I just get this new nighthawk M2, attach some aerials to it, and carry on without a care in the world, or are there other considerations I need to make?

I’d appreciate any advice, insights, or recommendations anyone can give me.

Thanks in advance,


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Here’s my system I put together it works great.

Wow. Brilliant system. I’ll keep that that idea up my sleeve…Thank you, that would definitely work, and work well!

If I have to run a cable that long, I’m hoping that I can reach whatever facility I’m ins’ router.

That said, if I can’t, perhaps this is the next best solution, instead of trying to get a signal indoors. I’m hoping I can get a half decent signal from my desk indoors somehow though. Trying to keep things somewhat compact and contained where possible.

Thanks again mate. Brilliant stuff!!!

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you could just use the same type of system indoors beside your equipment I would highly suggest using some sort of external antenna plugged into your 4G/5G modem I found it really helps speed and signal strength

That what I’m hoping, thanks. These little antennas that plug into the nighthawk M1 improved speed

s by 30%, according to this YouTuber.