Advice first livestream

Short version desire/hopes question for A.D.D people:
Would love to livestream to YouTube with atem and record iso and have live chat box overlay and logo over lays and stinger transitions. Any help?

Long version:
Going to livestream a graduation to YouTube. Hoping some advice to make sure all goes smooth and to the best it can.

Two camera shot, atem mini pro iso, Macbook Pro 15" 16gb ram, and projector and screen for viewing is what ill be using at event. Hardwire and Wifi available with around 100mb upload speed. They also want live Tagboard chat box to be displayed. Going to run monitor out of audio mixer to the mic input 1. Probably picture in picture the podium speaker and have whole stage for walking grads as main shot. Also viewing a 30 minute recorded video before ceremony. Is computer sufficient for handling this?

I was going to use OBS Studio as it accepts all of it and I can use stingers and just add browser url for the live tagboard chatbox. Which also can have the computer set to extend to show only program to projector. I will be using hardwire connection.

I understand that way might not be best, but how do you use atem as the encoder and still have all the effects like stingers and a logo overlay and livechat box overlay? No idea how to do that. Would also love to record the iso channels and because I’m using obs I don’t have that option as I’m connected to computer through usb from atem.

Also is there a way to set the live cast to private and only give the url to those that need attend? is there a way to upload to their page? Is there a way to pre have a url to give out? Or should I use their YouTube account?

Not sure if I’m asking too much but thanks for any advice or help someone has!

Macbook should be enough for that, also internet connection is good. Use the wire, not wifi.

You can do everything in OBS and just switch cameras on the ATEM, or you can use keys in ATEM for as much as they allow you to. You can then use the computer for video and transition playback. You can just create a scene in OBS with all the overlays and key that over the video in the ATEM.

You can schedule a stream on youtube in advance and give links away in time. You can set it to unlisted, but youtube is not really made for private videos, so it’s not perfect, anyone can share links around.
Don’t forget to enable live streaming on the account you plan to use. It takes up to 24 hours to activate.

Appreciate the help!

Im waiting for my activation which should be today. Then I will do a test stream. What should I set stream bandwidth to? I put it at 16k. OBS seems easy to put all and adjust but still people say to use atem as the encoder as its better so say. So still trying to figure out how to do all without obs.

Since they are using a separate live comment system, I will turn YouTube comments off to keep any random from commenting. I just don’t know how to bring the live chat ticker into atem. I know they will give me a url for the tagboard ticker.

I now have figured out how to use h2r with atem so putting lower thirds or a logo up is easy. But if I use that, then I wouldn’t be able to use their ticker url as atem only has one upstream key right?

You can use ATEM for streaming (if you need ISOs, if you don’t you can just plug the ATEM via usb and encode in OBS, if you set it right it can produce better quality than ATEM.
But, you can encode and stream with ATEM, and use OBS for graphics, comments and stingers and video playback. You create your scenes (one for each video, transition, and overlay you need), just make sure everything is black except your graphics, then just use the 1 available key in ATEM to key it out, and switch scenes in OBS as needed. You can use Bitfocus Companion to sync everything on single keys(buttons).

So to do obs graphics is to have obs computer as an hdmi input on atem? Maybe I’m a little confused. That way I wouldn’t be able to switch between two cameras though…

again thanks for explaining. super newbie here and even though I keep watching videos I feel like I’m not gettin anywhere.

if you have 3 or less cameras, you have a free input on the atem. You just connect your computer output (use adapters to get it to HDMI if needed) to an input on ATEM (let’s say you plug your cameras into 1-2-3 and the computer into 4, then you switch cameras as needed, but put input 4 as a luma key and keep it on, then use OBS to switch overlays / video playback)