Adding sources to my AMP

Has anyone else tried these or something like it? Right now I have it feeding my input one so I can switch between my laptop and camera feed so it made input 1 have an extra feed I am.thinking I might buy a couple more to add to the system

These cheap ones will cause the HDMI source to renegotiate every time it’s switched. There will always be a delay when switching this. This is mostly fine on cameras, but the computer will take longer to adjust to the new output every time it’s switched to. It’s like plugging in an external monitor every time you switch on that device. If that delay is fine for your workflow then it’s a fine option, but if you need to be able to quickly switch between the inputs I wouldn’t go down this route.

Do you have a splitter for output that you could reccomend

I wouldn’t recommend doing this at all, it’s likely to be fragile at best. To be honest, at $300, another ATEM Mini is probably the best option.

Oh sorry I dont think I asked it properly i am needing to split my hdmi multiview out so that our sound tech can have a screen as well is there a hdmi splitter that you have tried that does work?