A Software Architect's Home Office/Studio

I’m a Software Architect/Developer by day. I started full-time work from home somewhere mid-March this year and have no plans to return to the office in 2020 (if ever). Naturally I am in multiple meetings a day ever day, and make a few tech presentations a month or so. So I started building up my home office studio and just haven’t stopped improving! It’s become my hobby while spending so much time at home.

I still have lots of plans for my space! And some toys on order… but here’s the run down:

  • Sony a6400 Camera
  • Sigma 16mm f1.4 E-mount Lens
  • Deity VMic D3 Pro (1/8" out can plug straight into Atem Mini FYI, if desired)
  • Elgato StreamDeck XL
  • Godox LED Lights (FL150R and FL60 w/ softboxes)
  • Shuttle Pro V2 (for video editing)
  • Bose QC35 Headphones (super popular for software devs when in office because of the great noise cancelling)
  • Atem Mini Pro ISO
  • Neewer FW568 5.5" LCD monitor (a cheap version of what would be a SmallHD Focus or similar)
  • Rodecaster Pro (connected to “Mic 2” on Atem)

The computer here is my own mini-ITX build:

  • Intel Core i9-10900k
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB NVME M.2. SSD
  • Fanless HDPlex 400W Power Supply
  • All packed into a tiny mini-ITX cube case!


Oh yah, I forgot to mention, you can see my Elgato Green Screen MT mounted on the wall behind the desk! I had my desk flipped around the other way before filming against the green screen.

I’m currently planning to redo the space to try and maximize the number of shots I can get out of one office space. Filming into the corner behind me or to the left of me, and will end up rigging the green screen from the ceiling to be pulled down only when I need green screen.

  • My desk area is 6ft x 8ft in an L shape
  • The black bars you see here are light rigging pipes to be mounted on the ceiling (I want zero stands on the floor, so it can be used as normal room and not have stands everywhere).
  • The Godox LED Light panels are fairly low profile and light weight, and will hang from the rigging.
  • The Green bar you see is where I plan to hang the Elgato Green Screen MT. It rolls up like a projector screen, then I can just pull it down for use with my over the monitor camera when I want to green screen on top of a presentation. Ideally I’d still be able to get some other non-green screen camera angle even with the green screen deployed! (Like an over the should angle showing me at the computer)
  • The zig-zag line at the end of the room is curtains. I have a window on that wall and want to have the option to pull curtain across that wall both for light control and sound treatment.
  • This photo shows the chair in the “working at the computer” position, but I also want a potential setup for speaking to the camera without a computer in the way - facing 90 degree away from the computer looking long ways down the room. (That’s why the rim light and backlight are where they are shown on this drawing!!)

This drawing/plan is still a work in progress! The true state right now is the photo posted above. But I am planning to maximize how many camera angles I can get in my space, while keeping the room useable as a regular work from home office.


I like your setup and the rigging pipes to mount the lights! (Was wondering for myself if it also could be used to hang curtains / acoustic treatment). In the drawing it looks like the keylight and fill light are at the same distant from subject (you).
You use a 5.5 monitor. Is it native HD? Aaron Parecki is using 7” Feelword monitor and when I looked into this I wondered if the 5” version also works with the ATEM Mini Pro.