5th input to ATEM Mini Pro?

Hey all-
Has anybody a good solution for adding a 5th input to an ATEM Mini Pro (without adding another ATEM)? Would an HDMI switcher like this work?


EDIT: found a post on the BM forum stating that this model does work for at least one person so I went ahead and ordered it. I don’t need it be live when switching (I can cut away) but I can’t be swapping out devices during a show, it’s too easy to mess up! I will report back.


If you use it frequently the spring on the techole gives out. I would steer clear of those for any project.

As for the broader question, if you are using the Multi-view option on the Pro it might work. I’m just always concerned about grabbing the wrong feed.

I have used one but we changed out to a 3 way one to give us 1 spare input for when need to run a cable to the upstairs that way we are not plugging and unplugging allot on out atem and possibly messing up our atems hdmi port they work ok depending on what type of camera we used with a gopro and a camcorder . any time we switched to the gopro the feed would need to recheck and sometimes it would not show the gopro it was hit and miss now we have 2 camcorders plugged in and it finds them right away there is a black screen when switching, for 1/2 sec or so but we never switch that live we always cut away and then back

An optional solution for adding a 5th input to an ATEM Mini Pro (without adding another ATEM) is to connect an Apple TV to one of the ATEM inputs. On the Apple TV, install Newtek app NDI Monitor TV (costs around $99 in the Apple App Store) which will to bring in (“switch”) NDI inputs setup on your LAN. On your iOS hardware (phones, iPads) run NewTek app NDI HX Camera (free). On your Mac, install NewTek’s app NDI Scan Converter (free) to extend your desktop. You can easily add 6 more inputs with this workflow.
If you own the Blackmagic Web Presenter, you can add one additional input as follows: plug Atem mini’s HDMI out into the Web Presenter HDMI inputs & use the SDI on the Web Presenter for a Pocket 4K camera. As the Web Presenter reduces video to 720p, this may be a benefit or detriment to you depending on what type of stream you want to send out.

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I bought one of these units. It works … just not live. It takes a couple of seconds to negotiate. I use it to add in my monitor output when I am showing others about my setup. I don’t use it very often and I need to understand the workflow better to make it easier on my brain when I use it. Easy to get ‘inception’ confused. :wink:

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It can work… just can’t cut to it directly because of sync delay. I used it on two close-up shots that I would not cut-to back-to-back. In the end I got another ATEM as less stressful and more options.

yep, as y’all have said, it does work OK. it isn’t excellent, there is a 2-second switch delay, but it did the trick and I had my last (5 out of 5 weeks) live stream yesterday and it made things simpler at least. easy enough to switch around the delay in this cheap unit, but I can certainly see that the button on it is not very robust and going forward it would be preferable to find a better solution. is that another ATEM Mini or a different ATEM like the TV Studio HD (seems like the one).
Any news or rumors of an update to the TV HD Atem?

I’d hold off on buying the TVSHD at this point since it’s missing a lot of the newer features. The TV Pro 4K was at least updated to include fairlight and the better keyer but that’s quite a step up in price and is also SDI only. Honestly an ATEM Mini (original) is probably the best bet for adding more inputs just cause it’s so cheap.