5m HDMI 4K capable cables-using one at the time only?

There was a thread on running long HDMI cables, but referred to a BM Pocket CC. I’m using Sony A5100 and A7III with my Atem Mini Pro and I thought, after reading both in the thread and online, that I could get two HDMI 5m long cables…
I’ve got me these from a local supplier in Sweden and they should be able to run 4K and ethernet, were’nt so cheap either.
Once plugged in, one in the input 1 and the other in input 2, only the first one worked. Hm, I thought I got me a bad cable and put it away, because it wouldn’t work in the inputs 3 and 4 either.
Later on, getting home, I had the time to examine a little.
The very same “faulty” cable all of a sudden worked in the input 1, but the “good cable” wouldn’t work in the rest of the inputs.
Actually, the cables were both functioning but only if plugged in one at the time and into any of the inputs.
Any idea why this behaviour? Thanks very much!

any of the inputs or just input 1? input 1 has a different HDMI chip than other inputs.


Thanks for replying. The 5m cables work only in HDMI Input 1. I’ve just tested it again and they don’t give any picture in any of the other three inputs. This means I can only use one 5m cable but now I know, so it’s something special with Input 1. Maybe I’ll need to read in the manual for the Atem, maybe it’s stated somewhere.
Right now it’s OK and I don’t have to use longer cables for the weekend event, but to try to make it future proof, can you suggest the kind/brand of longer cables I should get?

Gimzo is correct on input 1. The only thing I’m wondering now is if there is a setting in your camera’s hdmi output that might be changed. The A5100 in theory should work with all 4 inputs. A number of YouTubers that are Sony fans offer it up as the cheapest way to stream…similar to Panasonic guys with the G7.

Perhaps place a Hyperdeck on the source end of the cable and see if a video playback will show up on the other inputs?

Cameras are small and battery powered, so they often use low power hdmi transmitters, that can have problems with longer cables, and hdmi receivers ATEM mini uses are not the most sensitive around.
I have a few 5m cables that my cameras all work fine on (Sony Z150, NX200, HD1000 and V1), but longer than that not so much. My NX200 when connected over a 15m cable doesn’t work on ATEM mini, does work on Intensity Pro 4K (but not in 2160) and works in 2160 on VideoAssist 4K.
However, all laptops and media players I tried work fine over a 15m cable into ATEM.

Thanks for replying, I’ll check inside the A5100 menus for HDMI…
I don’t really understand the part:
“place a Hyperdeck on the source end of the cable and see if a video playback will show up on the other inputs?”

I’m using a dummy battery with my A5100 and I’m connecting it’s USB into a hub that should deliver 2.4A. So this is sufficient for the Input 1 but not the rest…

Try to add Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional HDMI/SDI (as an amplifier) after your camera, but before the long cable.
So something like this:

CAMERA — short (1-2m) HDMI cable — BMD BiDirectional — 15m HDMI cable — ATEM Mini

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Thanks very much, that would solve it…

I’ve tested my 15m Twisted Veins HDMI cables directly from my C100’s with ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Pro’s all port and those were fine without any additional device.
So it looks like what @gizmo mention “Cameras are small and battery powered, so they often use low power hdmi transmitters, that can have problems with longer cables” is very true in this case.

Thanks for the tip @peterbmaraczi

using 15 and 1o meter HDMI cables in church with some simple handycams and an Atem mini, both working fine on al inputs…

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Thanks, and now you’ll have to share the brand of those HDMI cables (and specs maybe…) :slight_smile:

That won’t be easy since it are both no name, no brand cables bought online in a dutch webshop.

HDMI 1.4 - Standard speed with ethernet
HDMI A Male on both sides
Gold plated
resolution support 2k and 4k
Audio return channel
3d over HDMI

And for those who want an link to the dutch webshop:


Thank you for taking the time! Mine need to be micro HDMI on the camera side, and full size HDMI to the Atem. Maybe that screws it up? I do have a solution of, at least, connecting one 5m cable to the Input1, and tinker with the positioning of the Atem because of the other HDMI that’s 1,5m… Oh well…

so do my camera’s I use converters HDM micro to HDMI from the same company on the end of each of the cables.

HDMI A female => HDMI micro D male