480p to 720p upscaler

I have a need to upscale some HDMI 480p video to something the ATEM Mini Extreme can handle (either 720p or 1080p).

I don’t know anything about scalers, but I’m looking for something that is:

cheap (this is for glitchy video art content, absolute best video quality is not a goal)

low latency (the glitches are being sync’d via MIDI and I’m hoping to not have to account for latency when programming the MIDI)

I found this on eBay and I’m wondering if this would do the trick:

I have one of those (or at least it looks identical), it may well do for your particular application as you’ve said that “best video quality is not a goal”, I found that it altered the colours and it was also pretty awful at scaling from 1080 to 720 (which was my application).

I can’t say I noticed too much in the way of latency, but in my application it was feeding an encoder for a live-stream, so I wasn’t looking at latency.

I ended up replacing it with the BlackMagicDesign UpDownCross HD, which has performed flawlessly and, as far as I can see, does not alter the colour or add any artifacts. It has SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, so you can also use it to convert between either format as well as scaling. It’s totally worth the (not-too-expensive) price.

Hope this helps

Thanks @Tim , the UpDownCross HD looks pretty great, I may save a search on eBay for one, as they seem to go for a pretty nice price used.

Here is another scaler from the Decimator company you may want to look at.

HDMI / SDI CROSS CONVERTER with Scaling and Frame Rate Conversion

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Or you could just shoot the screen with a camera if quality isn’t the biggest deal. You might be surprised what you get; perhaps a little bit of smoothing even.