10 hour conference TV stream!

Last week was our biggest event so far - streaming a “conference TV” channel all day long. Due to Covid the conference moved from in person to hybrid to virtual with only main speakers and production team on site.

The conference was hosted on hopin with multiple streams, 50+ events happening with participants able to move around between them and also network with each other. On our TV channel we had a moderator, interviews with the main speakers and other features. We streamed to restream which fed hopin and a public feed to youtube. 1500 people registered for the event and we had about 750 concurrent viewers at any time.

We streamed directly from Atem Mini Pro to restream and recorded to an SDD as well. We had 2 stages, well designed and lit, 3 cameras, video material on a hyperdeck mini, and a laptop for a few slides and H2R graphics for the pre-roll countdown.

As always sound was the most tricky part. In the studio room, we kept it simple with wired lav mics, (disinfected between each use). The problem came with remote guests. We solved this with a Rodecaster Pro, although this caused a lag when using the cam on the moderator with this feed. I ran out of time to setup a macro to address that. No-one seemed to notice or comment.

I was quite jealous of some gear used by another company filming the speaker stage. They had a camera on a motorized gimbal linked to an AI system that automaticall tracked the speakers as they walked about on the stage. Very cool, I can see this becoming more popular.

The main issue on the day was that the restream to youtube link reset twice so the youtube feed is in 3 parts. Not really a big issue as all the participants were in hopin and not watching youtube.

Pics of the setup should come next week.


Hi Tim, Great job!..pardon my ignorance but can you specify what you mean by “hosted on hopin with multiple streams”. Can you clarify hopin for me?

Hi Steve, thanks and no problem! Hopin is an all-in-one virtual event platform (https://hopin.to/)

Aha! Great and thanks. I do extensive front end production work and frequently end up in Crowdcast, typically via RTMP. I will do some learning here. Continued success and thanks for sharing your ‘10 hr.’ story! No small feat.

A few pics to show the setup.


This looks fantastic!

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Looks pretty slick!

What is this all here? 2x Atem Mini’s + 1 Hyperdeck? (+ Rodecaster Pro, podmic, 3-4 cameras, 3-4 laptops?)

The speaker in the grey chair, are they mic’d with a lav? Is the lav routed into the Rodecaster or directly into one of the Atems?

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Hi Ben, 1 Atem mini, 1 Atem mini pro, hyperdeck mini, rodecaster pro, pod mic, 1 cinema camera, 2 mirrorless cameras, 1 laptop for atem mini pro, 1 for atem mini, 1 for H2R & powerpoint. Lav mics from the chairs direct into atem mini pro. Rodecaster was for when the moderator was speaking with people joining online. I’m replacing the Atem mini with an Atem mini ISO as really need to be able to monitor all sources and the recording of all inputs will be very useful.